Latest Saree Blouse Styles and Cuts

by neha
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Gone are the days when there was just one boring style to wear a saree blouse. Today, there are a number of options to choose from. Everything in a saree blouse is customizable from the cut of the neck/back to the style of the sleeves. A saree blouse is a statement! Here are some blouses for inspiration when you are choosing a blouse style for your wedding outfits.

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This is a traditional choli style blouse with hooks to secure and a string to tie the blouse at the back.

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Another choli style blouse, but this time with a very deep back!

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A halter style net blouse with embroidery.

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Looking for a blouse that is more fashionable? Check out this halter blouse which has a collar and is secured by hooks at the back. If you like deep backs, you will love this blouse!

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This halter blouse is made of brocade. A brocade blouse goes with almost any sari. If you do not want to wear your matching sari blouse and want something more trendy, then brocade blouses are definitely the way to go.

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Check out this gorgeous bikini style blouse! Love the embroidery on the brocade.

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Check out this beautiful turquoise net blouse with stone work border on the bottom edge.

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Check out the puff sleeved blouse below! Love the work on the blouse.

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Long sleeved blouses are in! Whether it was Vidya Balan’s blouses in the movie Paa or Kareen Kapoor’s choli in the Bollywood hit 3 Idiots, long sleeved blouses look very elegant and stylish.

Check out Deepika Padukone donning a long sleeved blouse in Om Shanti Om:

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Author: neha

4 Responses to “Latest Saree Blouse Styles and Cuts”

  1. shaily says:

    I love the longer sleeved blouses! I tried to tell my tailor that I wanted a longer sleeve, but we ended up compromising. Hopefully in a few weeks when I get them, all will be well. This is the one aspect I am totally nervous of! (I had dropped them off to the tailor the day I was leaving India, and friends of the family are bringing them back for me…)

  2. neha says:

    I love them too! When I went to India last time, I got one made in velvet with net sleeves. I can’t wait to wear it :-)

    Good Luck – I am sure you will get the blouses soon! The tailors do a pretty good job of tailoring the blouses to your measurements. I am sure everything will be fine!

  3. swetha says:

    hey Neha, good job on ur blogs dude. i do read them once in a while and its good stuff especially the part of having organized material on Indian weddings in one place.

  4. Sovina says:

    love the blouse designs…long sleeves & deep back ones are really graceful.