Royal Indian Wedding: Somya and Sanam

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The wedding of Somya and Sanam was a royal affair. I would imagine that this is how the wedding of Indian Royalty would look back in the day. In the last post we featured Somya and Sanam’s Teeka, Godh Bharai, and Sangeet Ceremony.

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And we’re back!

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Dear Readers,

After a month long absence, Marigold Events is back in action. On a very important note, Marigold Events celebrated it’s First Birthday this past Saturday! I would like to thank all my readers for making it such a wonderful first year for us. Going forward, we have a very exciting line up of articles waiting for you. Look out for shopping tips and latest trends from India, Ideas for Sangeet/Mehendi, DIY articles, Featured Weddings and more!

Announcing the Holiday Season Giveaway Winner

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Congratulations to Shaily, our Holiday Season Giveaway Winner!

Comment #8 (by Shaily) was randomly selected as the winning post:

“Welcome back, Neha! Can’t wait to read about your trip 
and finds!
I highly recommend the bride and groom think about the little aspects of their wedding and how they can incorporate their personalities into it.
My favorite things at our wedding were the things that truly represented us and our off-beat nature: our sock monkey picture book instead of a traditional guest book and our personalized wooden cake topper people custom painted to loosely resemble us.”

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Shaily – Congratulations! What a great tip! Definitely a great way to add personality and personal touch to your wedding. Hope you will enjoy treasuring your memories in this picture frame.

Holding this giveaway was so much fun!

To all my giveaway participants – I, and am sure our readers, really enjoyed reading your creative tips for planning an Indian Wedding.

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Shreya – I agree with you how contrasting colors can add pazazz to a wedding.

Jessi – During weddings, emotions run high and things can get overwhelming. I agree that friends and family come through during these pressing times and one should always ask for help.

Sweta – Mehendi is such a girlie event and I agree with you that chudi, payal and scarf stalls, or even when given as favors, would be a big hit!

Komal – I totally agree with you. A live fortune teller would definitely be a hit at Indian Weddings! It would definitely become a topic of conversation at the party.

Dharma – I loved both of your tips! Again, coming back to personal touch and adding your own personality really makes a wedding special.

Shilpa – Karaoke Mehendi night sounds like a blast! Would love to see that at a Mehendi Event.

Thanks again for participating in the giveaway! We hope to hold many more giveaways in the future.

Fabulous and Personalized Favors

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Wedding Favors are small gifts, given as a token of gratitude to guests from bride and groom during a wedding ceremony/reception. The tradition of giving favors is a very old European custom, where a small trinket box was filled with sugar (believed to contain medical benefits) cubes or confections were distributed. We will put an Indian twist to this tradition and present some creative favor ideas. Get ready to wow your guests with your unique favor ideas!

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Personalized Chai Kit

Chai is a favorite Indian beverage of choice for many people. How cool would it be to have that as a favor for your wedding. The presentation is key here. A Personalized Chai Kit could be made by putting all the dry ingredients of tea in small organza bags, and then placing it in a small wooden box. You can choose from a variety of boxes online, or even get them from India. One of my favorites is the Gemstone Picture Box, which can be later used as a jewelry box. These boxes come in different designs and look absolutely gorgeous. Now to add an extra personal touch, type out your own Chai recipe and insert it in the Chai Box. Your very own Personalized Chai Kit is now ready.

Personalized Trinket Box

Trinket boxes make a great gift and also look beautiful on your place settings. Check out this Golden Lac Box with Beads and Mirror:

You can fill these boxes with mouth freshners, pot pourrie, small charms, hershey kisses or any candy of your choice. To add a personal touch to it, you can insert seating card or a personal note on the top of the box for your guests. To make the seating card or note, buy some card stock or printed paper, print the guest name or personal note, and then use a circle paper cutter to cut out the name or the personal note. Once you insert the the card on the top of the box, you have a beautifully assembled and personalized trinket box.

Personalized “Lucky Elephant” Tea Light Holder

Check out this gorgeous “Lucky Elephant” Antique Ivory-Finish Tea Light Holder.

The elephant is beautifully detailed and crafted, and comes with a tea light and in a display gift box which includes a rich, sheer, organza ribbon and bow. These tea light holders serve a dual purpose, where besides being a gift for your guests, they can be also used as a personal note/ seating card/ photo holder (There is a lipped rug under the howdah for this purpose). This favor will look absolutely stunning on your place setting. Not only does it look royal, but is also considered a source of luck and good fortune, as the elephant has a raised trunk.

We hope you liked our favor ideas. We would love to hear your favor ideas on our blog!

DIY Tutorial: Designing a Henna Inspired Reception Program using Microsoft Word

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Continuing with our Inspiration from henna, we will design a Reception Program. For Mehendi inspired program, you will want to have a palette of rich colors. Rusts, Golds, Silvers, Magenta, Reds are all good to start with. Once you know which color you will use, based on the number of guests that are attending, buy enough paper. Paper-Source is one of my favorite stores to buy stationary from. They have great products for DIY projects. Following is the final product of this tutorial:

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Henna Inspired Wedding Reception Program

Follow along this tutorial to create your custom henna inspired reception programs. Remember to save your document at regular intervals:

  1. Open a standard 8.5″ X 11″ document in Microsoft Word.
  2. Select Page Setup from File Menu to change the orientation of the paper from portrait to landscape.
  3. Insert a Table in the document with 1 row and 3 columns.
  4. Now position the table in the top left corner and stretch the table all the way to the bottom right corner, such that the page is divided into three equal sections.
  5. If you want to remove the bounding lines of the table, then right click on the table. Select Borders and Shading. Now select the custom setting, and get rid of the side borders, and just keep the border that divides the page into three equal sections.
  6. Use the Insert Menu > Picture > From File to insert your motif/pattern in the document. Following are the images you need to make your henna inspired program.   Mehendi BorderMehendi Flower
  7. Right click on the image and select Format Picture to change its size, alignment, layout etc.
  8. After formatting the images, you have your template ready. Following is what the final template looks like.
  9. You can now add text using your favorite font. One of my favorite fonts for Wedding Stationary is Edwardian Script ITC. An excellent website to download any font you can imagine is: DaFont.
  10. Your programs are now ready to be printed on your favorite colored paper. Always test print on one sheet of paper before sending a large number of copies to be printed.
  11. Cut your programs with a paper cutter. Alternatively, take them to Kinkos or Staples, and have them cut the stack for you. Since one sheet has two lines, the whole stack would just need two cuts and should be around $1.00 per cut.

Hope you had fun following along this DIY tutorial. Let us know what you think and if you have any questions.