Beautiful Beginnings, Traditions and Marigold

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No Indian Wedding is complete without Marigolds! The bright and vibrant hues of the flower are most perfect for celebrating weddings. Also known as Genda Phool in Hindi, marigold is not only a traditional Indian flower used in the decor, but also hold a symbolic role in the ceremonies or Puja.  Every petal of Marigold is a flower in itself, and it’s beauty is magnified when all the petals come together. Like the flower, Indian Weddings consist of many little traditions for the joining of two families together, and “the creation of greater beauty”. This essence of Marigold is captured by the song Genda Phool from the Bollywood movie “Delhi-6” (Watch the video of “Genda Phool”).

Hello, my name is Neha Goyal and I am a wedding and event consultant for Marigold Events. I hope to capture all the different facets of an Indian Wedding and present them on this blog, in the true spirit of this beautiful flower. When I planned my wedding, I was curious to know more about the various wedding traditions, wedding and reception themes, song ideas for first dance, DIY projects and how to make my wedding extra special. With my personal experiences and expertise, I will write on all of these topics. If there are topics that you would want to hear more about, please comment to this entry, or email me at

Let us begin to plan some beautiful weddings with Marigold!

8 Responses to “Beautiful Beginnings, Traditions and Marigold”

  1. Kartikakes says:

    Good Luck on your new business

  2. Ishi says:

    I love the idea!!!!!
    All the best and promise to be an ardent follower :-)

  3. neha says:

    Thanks Guys! I am so excited to share my insights about South Asian Wedding Planning! If you get a chance, also follow me on twitter and facebook :-)

  4. Bindiya says:

    Wishing you all the very Best on you new endeavor!!

  5. Anna says:

    Happy anniversary! what a great day for you and perfect timing to start Marigold Events! I wish you lots of success in this enterprise and a very happy long life with Kart.

  6. Charu says:

    Neha, this is fantastic – my best wishes for this new endeavor!

  7. Bhawna says:

    hey!!didnt know this was coming :) really cool!!So happy for u as u start ur new best wishes!!’Marigold’ all the way!!:)

  8. neha says:

    Thank You so much for your support guys! I really appreciate it :-) Please let me know what kind of things you would like to hear about on this blog.