Accessorize those beautiful hands

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Don’t ignore those beautiful hands when buying accessories and jewelry for your wedding! Your hands will be a focus of all your wedding pictures, especially when you are performing the wedding ceremony, cutting the cake or making champagne toasts. So why not spend some money on accessorizing those beautiful hands with jewelry? Here are some ideas on how to adorn those beautiful hands.

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  • Bangles and Bracelets: This is a no brainer! Bangles/Bracelets are a must. You can’t go wrong with a nice gold bangle set worn with a heavy bracelet worn in the front. There are a ton of fancy styles to choose from, where the sets have a combination of different kinds of bangles.
diamond bangles

Intricately designed beautiful diamond bangles


Amazing Combination - Beautiful kundan kada (bangle) with bracelet

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designer kundan kada

Kundan Kada (Bangle) with Meenakari work

Pink Tourmaline & White Sapphire-Kundan

Pink Tourmaline and White Sapphire Kundan Bracelet

Silver Bangles Set

Gold Bangles Set

Gold Bangles Set

Bangle Set

Green Bangle Set

Blue Bangle Set

Blue Bangle Set with droplets

  • Hathphool: These are bracelets with rings and look absolutely stunning! They enhance the beauty of your hands and also look great with your henna. This hand ornament has a flower or medallion in the center and have chains attached to them on both sides. One side the chain becomes a bracelet which goes around your wrist and on the other end they become rings which go on your fingers. There can be one to five chains. I am obsessed with kundan and polki hathphool!

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Polki Haathphool with green tourmalines

Polki Haathphool with green tourmalines

Kundan Haath Phool

Adorning the colors of henna - Kundan Haath Phool

  • Cocktail Rings: These look beautiful as well and can be worn on any finger or thumb. For weddings, the most traditional is polki or kundan.

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    Cocktail-Ring Green Onyx, White Sapphire-Kundan

    Cocktail Ring - Green Onyx, White Sapphire and Kundan

    Cocktail Ring worn on thumb along with Hathphool

    Cocktail Ring worn on thumb along with Hathphool

4 Responses to “Accessorize those beautiful hands”

  1. Sovina says:

    Love the kundan bracelets and the big bold ring.

  2. Samm says:

    The first 4 karas (bracelets) are to die for!! Love your blog!

  3. Saniya says:

    Beautiful, I have a kundan hathphool set that im wearing for our big day! Check out the bangles at Amrita Singh if you get a chance, they’re very nice.

  4. srividhya says:

    very nice bangles