Wedding Shopping in Delhi: Tips and Recommendations

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I love shopping in Delhi! When I got married, I did all my shopping from there and really enjoyed my experience. The amazing choices, affordable prices, and VIP treatment are just a few reasons why you would go there for your wedding shopping. In this blog post, I will talk about the various shopping districts in Delhi and some of my favorite stores shopping for wedding trousseau.

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  • South Extension (Part I and II): Conveniently located in South Delhi, South Extension is a shopping area full of big stores:
  1. Ushnak Mal: Great for Lehengas, Salwar Kameez and Chudidars. Highly recommended!
  2. Nalli – Famous for South Indian Saris, especially Silk Kanjeevarams.
  3. Regal: Wedding Shoes, purses and accessories. Comes recommended!
  4. BG’s – Purses, clutch bags, bindis, and accessories. Very stylish!
  5. Wedding Weaves – Men’s sherwanis. Amazing designs – Highly recommended!
  6. Big Joes – Accessories
  7. Jass Jewelers: Great for silver jewelry, accessories and gift items. Pricey, but recommended!

Shoes by Regal

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Greater Kailash I: This area is also located in South Delhi, but comes with a big price tag. Worth checking out though.

  1. Laffaire: Nice sarees, but a little pricey.
  2. Street Hawkers: Check out the hawkers on the side of this shopping area for amazing accessories.
  3. Champalal Jewellery: Beautiful diamond, and polki jewelry. Highly recommended!
  4. Hazoorilal & Sons Jewellers: Nice jewelry, but a little pricey.

Diamond Jewelry by Champalal

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Hauz Khas Village: This shopping area, located in South Delhi, is full of small and unique boutiques.

  1. Rewaz Boutique: Amazing collection of sarees! I bought three gorgeous sarees from here for my wedding.
  2. Ogaan: This is a fairly new boutique for Indian outfits.

Crescent Mall: This mall is full of designer labels and is located on Mehrauli Road. Very exclusive collections by Manish Malhotra et al!

Lajpat Nagar: Located in South Delhi, this area is full of big and small stores. Don’t forget to check out the street hawkers for some amazing accessories.

  1. Roshan’s: I love the stuff here! They have the most amazing suits and lehengas at great prices. I bought my reception lehenga from here. Highly recommended!
  2. Shakuntalam: Very stylish lehengas and suits.

My Reception Outfit by Roshan's

Karol Bagh: Karol Bagh is another major and oldest shopping district located in West Delhi.

  1. PP Jewellers
  2. Hari Shankar Sunil Kumar Jewelers
  3. Beli Ram: Silver accessories and gift items. Highly recommended!
  4. Janak’s: Great men’s traditional outfits as well as suits.
  5. Wedding Weaves: Same as the one in South Extension.

Chandni Chowk: Chandni Chowk is the oldest shopping area in Delhi. Located in North Delhi (Very close to Lal Quila), it has a charm to it. Got to be careful of “eve-teasers” and the traffic, but otherwise if you are looking for great prices – it’s a must check out!

  1. Surya Sarees: Amazing collection of sarees, and lehengas. I bought my wedding lehenga from here. Very unique and amazing prices. Highly recommended!
  2. Champalal Jewellers: Same as the one in South Extension. Again highly recommended!
  3. Rati Ram Ram Vinod: Lehenga and Sarees.

Rajouri Garden: This area is located in East Delhi and has big and small boutiques and stores.

  1. Meena Bazaar: Good collection of suits.
  2. Shakuntalam: Same as the one in Lajpat Nagar.

Other Places worth a mention:

  1. Shapur Jat: Great for kurtis and tunics. Nice little shops for shoes as well.
  2. CTC Plaza: Its a huge mall selling traditional Indian clothing and accessories.
  3. Dilli Haat: If you are looking for favors and stationary – this is a great place to visit.
  4. Janpath: Awesome and highly recommended, if you want custom table linen, favors etc. for your wedding reception.
  5. Chawri Bazaar: Invitations and Stationary – great prices! Close to Chandni Chowk.

74 Responses to “Wedding Shopping in Delhi: Tips and Recommendations”

  1. Veena says:

    Thanks for the extensive list. I’m flying down to Delhi in November to shop for my wedding items. Am looking for south Indian silks for my ceremony – are there any other stores specializing in this besides Nalli’s?

  2. neha says:

    Hi Veena,

    You’re very welcome! I am most familiar with Nalli in Delhi. I did do a search online, and this is what I found:

    I also think most saree shops would carry some collection of South Indian silks. Good Luck with your shopping!

  3. Veena says:

    Thanks a bunch, Neha. Looking forward to my Delhi shopping trip

  4. mina says:

    Hi Veena, thats a lovely outfir you got from roshans!
    im going in 3 weeks time to do my wedding shopping to delhi and punjab… do you know where is best to get a design made.. i wanted something quite modern – an indian style one piece dress for my reception.. do you know where is best for this?
    This is a great blog by the way! sooo helpful!
    thank you!

  5. mina says:

    sorry i meant to say thanks NEHA!! sorry neha! :)

  6. neha says:

    Hi Mina,
    I am in Delhi currently – I have seen one piece dresses with Indian flare at Shakuntalam in Lajpat Nagar and also at Kimaya.
    Hope this helps! Thanks for the props on the blog btw.

  7. mina says:

    thanks neha!
    Im going out there on the 21st and will be constantly checking your blog for updates! its great! also, do u have a list of things to get from india on this blog, or things needed for weddings.. eg.. bridesmaids suits/favors/bindid&bangles or accessories for ladies sangeet… im making a list at the moment and just hoping im not forgetting anything!
    Hope you’re having fun

  8. neha says:

    Hey Mina,
    Here is a list that I posted some time back on how to shop for your wedding in India:
    Good Luck! I am sure you will have a wonderful trip to India.
    take care,

  9. Swati says:

    Hey Neha,

    Thanks for these tips. I’m not heading out till this Dec (2012) but really nervous about not being able to find anything. I love your lengha. Did you find others similar to that but different colors? I like that its not too blingy but very classy and love the embroidery work.


  10. neha says:

    Hi Swati!

    I can understand your nervousness. Thanks – lehengas are usually one of a kind and this is two years old. How long are you going to India for? If you are going to one of the major cities, you will have a ton of options to choose from. Unfortunately, if you want something custom designed, then you might have to give the store/designer at least a month’s notice.

    I would suggest that you take a lot of pictures of what you like when you go to India as you can get anything custom made to order over there.

    Also, if you need an outfit by a certain date, tell the shop owner/designer that you need it by certain date – 5 days. I am saying so because there are always adjustments that need to be made after you give the trial.

    Wish you all the best with your shopping and wedding planning!

  11. Swati says:

    Thanks, Neha. I’m only going for 3 weeks to Delhi. So it takes 1 month for custom made? Wonder if you can pay a little bit extra for faster service. But I am just hoping I can find something off the rack :)

  12. Richa says:

    Hey… Thanks fr such wonderful tips fr shopping in delhi! I’m goin there next week but just for 4 days! :( I realllllllly hope and wish I come back smiling with all of my wedding shopping done! Will come back and give my feedback here, so that it helps others too! :)

    Thanks agn!

  13. samira says:

    thanku neha for your tips. actually im from bangladesh and im coming to delhi for a week. i have my wedding in next december and i want to buy both of my wedding and reception lehanga from there. would you please tell me how much money should it take to buy two nice lehanga. as i have no idea so im asking you. again thanku a lot.

  14. Astha says:

    Thank u so much for this list! I was new to Delhi, yet decided to shop for my wedding there. Your list was a blessing!! I loved Surya Sarees and got my wedding lehenga from there! thanks a lot :)

  15. neha says:

    Hello Lovely Ladies!

    Swati – Did you get your Bridal Shopping in Delhi done already? I hope you were able to get the bridal outfit you were looking for!

    Richa – How was your shopping experience in Delhi? Hope you were able to get your shopping done.

    Samira – How was your trip from Bangladesh to India? Were you able to find something in your budget?

    Astha – You are very welcome! I am glad that my list could help you! Where and when is your wedding?

  16. Monica says:

    Hey Girls: I just got married a couple months ago and when i went to delhi for my shopping my friend told me about a service called Rani. It was a blessing in disguise. Before i had even arrived in delhi they had an itinerary planned out for me according to my budget, and a shopping consultant even went with me to check out outfits/jewelry/give aways/invites! It was so efficient and helpful for me especially since ive only been to delhi a few times in my life. I would definitely reccomend this service for all the brides-to-be or anyone who is going to be going to india for their wedding shopping.

  17. Khyati Oza says:

    Hello Gals,
    I am going to India for my marriage in November & interested in Delhi shopping as I heard I can find lot of designer shopping places. I will highly appreciate if you all can guide me. I am looking for a one piece wedding dress (Lehenga)+ Dupatta. Not so heavy but then also classi. Anyone of you know where I can find something like that or somebody can make for me?

  18. KedR says:

    Great insight into Delhi’s shopping. Very helpful for people going to the capital for their wedding shopping. Please have similar information for other cities like Jaipur and Ahmedabad.

    Cheers! 😀

  19. dakshina says:


    am a journalist with CNN IBN, kerala. coming to delhi nxt month fr wedding shopping. will u b able to help me?

  20. Radha says:

    Hey Neha,
    I’ve never shopped in Delhi before, but I’m considering going there for my wedding shopping. I’ve shopped in Bombay early this year for my sister’s wedding and have a good understanding of what they have, locations as well as prices. Just to get an idea, would you be able to provide a price idea of some of these locations. And if it isn’t personal, how much you paid for your reception lehenga, just so I can have an idea of price comparison between the two cities.


  21. Nishu says:

    Hey Neha,

    Your blog is very helpful. For shopping for bridal lehngas which are exclusive and heavy one where should I go first and whats the approx range for heavy lehngas .

  22. RBM says:

    Hi Neha,
    Can you give me an idea of the pricing at Roshan’s…how much approximately that lehenga costed you?

  23. neha says:

    Khyati & Dakshina – Hope your weddings went well! I apologize for the delay in response. Hope you were able to find your dream outfits!

    Radha – You can get outfits in any range in Delhi. From my understanding and experience, Delhi is more reasonably priced than Mumbai. I had bought a sari from Mumbai, which I found in Delhi later on for cheaper.

    Nishu – By exclusive, do you mean designer lehenga? Look up the Fashion Friday posts on my blog to get idea of the different designers. Email me at if you have follow up questions.

    RBM – All the places in this post are reasonably rated. Email me if you have specific questions.

  24. Sonia says:

    I leave for Delhi tomorrow, I haven’t been in 19 years so I’m not sure what to expect! I was just doing some last minute research when I stumbled across your blog, THANK YOU so much! It’s fab, and I feel much more at ease now! :)

  25. neha says:

    Sonia – I hope you were able to find everything you needed for your wedding in Delhi! Let us know if you found some interesting places to shop at while you were there!

  26. Srishti says:

    Hi Neha!

    Can u please tell me of some affordable boutiques in delhi that design custom made sarees based on the pictures we give? i have abt a month’s time!

  27. Cece says:

    I can’t make it to India before the wedding!
    Ladies, do you have any suggestions for online bridal shops? I’m having a difficult time finding reputable designers
    Thank you!!!

  28. Savia says:

    Neha I must appreciate your patience of going by each comment & individually reply back to them with detailed knowledge which you posses.

  29. Kritika says:

    This was indeed a very interesting list to shop in Delhi. I would surely try all the stores. I am from Jaipur, anyone wants to know about here, can contact me. 😀

  30. neha says:

    Srishti – Try visiting Dolly Jhunjhunwala in Hauz Khas or Niharika Pandey in Shahpur Jaat in Delhi.

    Cece – What kind of online bridal shops are you looking for? Couture or budget?

    Savia and Kritika – Thanks so much :)

  31. RJ says:

    Very helpful blog Neha :) I am getting married in October and definitely going to kickstart my shopping with your list.
    Btw do you have any recommendations on where to get blouses stitched in Delhi? I have a few ideas/pics but don’t know of any place that can implement those ideas perfectly without burning a hole in my pocket!

  32. neha says:

    Hello RJ: Thank you – How is the planning coming along? There are a number of mom and pop kind of shops for blouse tailoring in Delhi. Every major marketplace has its own tailor. One tailor that I do know is called Eve’s in Greater Kailash M-Block Market. They do require appointments and are a little on pricier side. But the fittings are great and the options endless. When are you visiting Delhi?

  33. Suky says:

    Hi Neha, Hope you are well..

    I am planning a trip to Delhi late October this year for my wedding shopping. Can you advise whether Tilak Nagar is any good for Bridal Lehngas and latest fashion range? What area would you say is best for wedding shopping so i can arrange to book hotel near by. Thanks. The blog above is great.. Exactly what i was looking for..

  34. neha says:

    Hi Suky – The closest shopping area to Tilak Nagar is Rajouri Garden, and they are both connected via Delhi Metro. Rajouri Garden has a few malls and a shopping strip with stores like Meena Bazaar and Bombay Selections, both of which have good collection of Indian Wedding Outfits. Hope this helps.

  35. Pree says:

    Hi Neha

    Can you please suggest where should I go for buying bridal lehnga? Chandni Chowk, Karol Bagh, Lajpat Nagar, Frontier Raaz???
    My budget is upto 35k and i went to 555 Saree House(opp HaldiRam), Chandni Chowk and selected one lehnga but my beutition told me silver tone lehnga will not look good. Choli and Lehnga is of cream color and dupata is in red color. My skin color is wheatish..which color combi is in now a days??

  36. Ashi says:

    Dear Neha,

    Read above list and seems like it’ll take at least a week to shop around… I am from Nepal and in bangkok right now. We plan to get married early next year but going back to Nepal on Aug. We are planning to take route to Delhi and stopover for 2-3 days for wedding saree shopping there. So i’d like to request for your expert advice on the 2-3 main places you’d recommend to check for wedding sarees (gerogette, party wear, dupatta with tash, dunno what else they have in saree :)…). We have 2 full days only this time, and maybe we’ll take same route bkk-del-ktm next year before wedding too if we cant find good ones next month…

    best regards,

  37. neha says:

    Pree – I would suggest going to Roshan’s or Shakuntalam in Lajpat Nagar. Surya Sarees in Chandni Chowk is really nice as well. I think you should be able to find something in that budget at any of these places. As far as colors are concerned, red never goes out of fashion for brides. If you want something more trendy, go with fuchsia and tangerine tango/orange.

    Ashi – I hope its not too late, but here are my recommendations: for wedding sarees/lengha, I would suggest going to a place where they carry a wide variety. Like I said above, Roshan’s and Surya Sarees are great options. I also like Ushnak Mal. Can you tell me your budget range, so I can suggest accordingly?

  38. Deepti says:

    Hello Neha,
    Seems to be a very useful information about the best pick and to-go places for bridal shopping.
    I am from Mumbai and my marriage is in the month of Jan next yr, i have been investigating for Lehenga like crazy, but doesnt find anyone impressive enough, and if they are the prices are sky-high. so i’ll be travelling to Delhi in the month of Sept but only for 2 days :(, my budget is around 60 to 70K. Can you please suggest which amoungst the stores you have listed above will be best for me. Thanks so much.

  39. Preet says:

    Hi neha,

    My wedding is next year in July and planning on going to India for 2 weeks in march. Do you
    Think that’s enough time and is it too close to the wedding. Also, I’ve never been to Delhi except the airport. Shouldi consider shopping in Punjab where my moms family lives. If so do you any good places there. Thank you

  40. Dj says:

    Hi I am going to India in three weeks. Will be in Delhi for a week, which area do you suggest I prioritize to buy beautiful sarees and wedding lehnga?

    I have never been to Delhi…. But heard its beautiful.

  41. neha says:

    Hey Ladies – So excited that you guys are considering Delhi for shopping. Here are my tips –

    Deepti – I would suggest three stores for you: Surya Sarees (Chandni Chowk), Roshan’s and Shakuntalum (both in Lajpat Nagar). I am pretty sure you will be able to find something in your range in those three stores. Hope this helps!

    Preet – It is a good amount of time to get a lot of stuff done. I would suggest that you go for readymade outfits in that time period. You should have enough time to get your alterations done and blouse stitched once you have bought the outfits. I am not sure about places in Punjab, but can recommend an article:
    Hope that helps!

    Dj – It depends on where you would be staying in Delhi. I would suggest Chandni Chowk or South Delhi (Lajpat Nagar/South Extension). Both of those areas have many bridalwear shops in close proximity to each other.

    Good Luck and hope you find your dream outfit!


  42. Mojdeh says:

    Hey, i Wonder if you know any good bridal salon’s in Delhi as well? My wedding is just 17 days away and not living in Delhi so if you know some give me some names, I was thinking maybe khan bazaar would be the place to find some salon am I right ? :)

  43. neha says:

    Hi Mojdeh – Which part of Delhi will you be in? You could try the salons at any of the five star hotels. Other make up artists to consider are Ashmeen Munjal and Ambika Pillai. Hope this helps!

  44. Poonam says:

    Hi Neha,

    My wedding is in first week of feb. Can you please suggest what will be the best time for shopping Sep 15 to Sep 20 or Dec 1st week. I want to know when the bridal collection is good in market. I got to know that before shrads (which is starting from Oct 2nd), there will be hardly any new collection in the market. Is it true.

  45. shona says:

    Hi Neha,

    I too have my wedding in February next year. I am planning to go to Delhi at the end of Oct / start of Nov. I am worried about shops being too busy or having sold out of outfits at that time (as it is just before Diwali). Do you think this will be an issue? Would it be better for me to delay my trip to late Nov / Dec – although I’m also worried this will be leaving the shopping too close to the wedding. Any advice would be great!


  46. Sonam says:

    Hi Neha,

    Really liked your blog & the way to respond to each & every query.. :)
    I wanted to know the budget for the bridal Lenhgas & Sarees. Pls suggest.


  47. parul says:

    my friends wedding is next month,plz help me find saree for me for aprox 10k…

  48. Abha says:

    Hi Neha…

    Ur blog is great to say the least … I am from Mumbai and getting married in May 2013. I have 5 days each during Diwali n christmas for shopping (since I wont get off otherwise)..needed ur opinion as to when shud i travel to delhi …will lehengas be overpriced during Diwali time? (atleast thats what one of my friends told me) and which one month can one get good deals on bridal wear?
    Waiting for your reply ….

  49. sujata says:


    I am looking for anarkli suits or something gud in trdaitional like sarees to wear in my brothers marriage.
    I have this week only as i have to return bck to pune.

    so plesae suggest some nice place wherein it will get easy to shop with number of beautifull choice.


  50. neha says:

    Poonam – The wedding season in India starts in November. I doubt that people wait for shopping for their wedding trousseau until after shrad. Let me know if you have more questions.

    Sonam – The budget for Lehenga and Saris totally depends on your wedding budget. Typically Wedding Attire and Jewelry is 15% of the wedding budget in the United States. This includes:
    Bridal Saris/ Lehengas for the Ceremony and Reception
    Bride’s lingerie
    Bride’s jewelry for Ceremony and Reception
    Wedding Bands
    Bride’s shoes
    Hair and makeup (including Mehendi)
    Groom’s Sherwani/ Tuxedo and Shoes for the Ceremony and Reception
    Please let me know if you have any other questions.

    Parul – Can you please let me know where you are located? If you are in Delhi – then I would suggest visiting stores in Chandni Chowk to find something in your budget.

    Abha – Bridalwear is consistently the same price in Delhi. There are rarely any sales on Lehengas. Wedding season in India starts from November, and typically runs through the summer. If you go around Diwali, I would suggest selecting your outfits, especially, if you are ordering custom lehengas. That way around Christmas you can go collect your outfits and do a final fitting. Let me know if you have more questions.

    Sujata, You can go to a number of places. Please refer to the list in this post for area wise location of stores. Let me know your budget, and which area in Delhi you would like to shop from and I can suggest accordingly.

  51. parul says:

    yes neha m put up in south delhi ..can u plz suggest some names of shop ..

  52. neha says:

    Parul – try and look at stores in South Extension and Lajpat Nagar that I have listed in this post.

  53. Rama says:

    Neha i just went through your blog, am just searching out for which place shud i prefer shopping for my wedding, Mumbai or Delhi? My criteria are- Dresses with heavy work and also some simple yet elegant ones. – Light yet elegant work Lehenga for wedding.
    My priority is that prices should be reasonable as spending heavily behind wedding dress is Not what I’m looking for.

  54. neha says:

    Hi Rama – Thanks for writing! Can you give me more specifics? What is your budget? Where are you currently located? What is your style? Based on your preferences, I will be able to advise better. Thanks!

  55. Rama says:

    Hello Neha my style of dressing is simple yet trendy,The lehnga Should be bit heavy in the range of 30-40k,which i will be buying for my wedding day ,and i want to do some shopping where i would like to shop some dresses and sarees of not so very high range. do you have any idea where should i shop in Mumbai or Delhi so that i can gt lot of choices with lots of varieties adding to it..Awaiting for your reply Thankss in Advance :)

  56. Ruchi says:

    Hi there!
    Coming to Delhi for a week from Canada. Where should I target my shopping if I’m looking for ready made?

  57. neha says:

    Hi Rama – I would suggest shopping in a city where you have more contacts/family, and have an easy mode of transportation. Both the cities have their pros and cons. If either of the cities are closer, than you may want to chose that over the other. You can find outfits according to what you are looking for in both those cities. Hope this helps!

    Hi Ruchi – Your best bet would be to go to South Extension, Lajpat Nagar, and GK. These areas are all in South Delhi, and so travel times would not be long when going from one marketplace to another. I would also suggest that you go to bigger stores as opposed to designers, since designers custom make stuff, and that takes a long time. Let me know if you have other questions :)

  58. deepika says:

    Hi, I want to buy a reception lehenga in the budget of 20-25k, from where should I buy it?

  59. neha says:

    Hi Deepika – Where are you located?

  60. G says:


    Where can I get wedding cards in Delhi and Mumbai with a contemporary designs and with embellishments and brooches?

  61. neha says:

    Hi G – There are many invitation designers in Delhi and Mumbai. Please email me at with your budget per card, and I will be more than happy to recommend someone to you.

  62. annie says:

    hi neha..i m goin to get married in winter this year for which i wanna start searching. I read ur post and found it really useful. Just wanna ask you that i dont wanna spend more than 25k on my bridal lehanga so which area will you suggest for bridal lehanga shopping. Also i wanna get my engagement lehanga designed so do you know any gud and reasonable boutiqe in delhi.

  63. OJ says:

    Hi Neha, this is such a useful sight. tks! I am planning to shop in Delhi for my wedding. but i have only 3 days -i’ll go to Chandni Chowk and Karol Bagh. I’lle be there on a Saturday, Sun, Mon and Tues. What time do shops open and close in these areas? any days they are closed? I also need to print invitation cards, ur suggestion on where i can do it pls? And also to buy other stuffs used in weddings like decorated gift trays, etc. Urgent advise. thks a lot n keep doing the great work.

  64. Sara Khan says:

    I really liked dis website…..its really vry helpfull for me…. ok m sara khan frm delhi… as mah weddng iz nt yet it wil be at around 2014 last… so plz sujjest me wat thing should i buy… nw.. nd wat things can be stored… as i have startd doing shoppng.. frm diff places…. wat should be in mah weddng list.. lik bedsheeets,home stuff… diner sets ects.. as i hav lost my mom in 3 yrs back.. so mah dad nd me… r left… dere iz no 1 2 suggest thngs…. m jst 21….

  65. Deepika says:

    Hi, My wedding is near and I want to buy a simple, less gaudy and not with typical stone work. A lahanga that seems to be sober and elegant like the one on this blog (the one for reception). I went to some Chandani Chowk shops but everything was too bright. My budget is 30-35k. Please suggest me if it is feasible to get such a lahanga in this range. If yes, which market would be the best for it?


  66. SA says:

    I found great pieces at Frontier Raas and Roop Sarees both in South Ex! Reasonably priced as well!

  67. nidhi says:

    I want to buy suits for wedding please suggest some shops in delhi where i can find a good collection. My budget is 15,000. I have a small baby so cant go shopping everywhere…i just want a perfect destinantion.
    Please advice

  68. Anonymous says:

    As’salamu alaikum.
    Hello I am From Oman .
    My sister likes Indian sarees and accesories and as her wedding is on
    head , I am planning to go India..
    But i am worried about being new and also about shops .
    I am looking for a good bridal shop or boutique in which i will be getting
    sarees for wedding and reception.
    And also pls do tell me where can i get Gold plated ornaments.
    Do they make ornaments as we order ?
    I will be wanting all these in Delhi.

    I will be looking forward for an answer and suggestion.

  69. Jevz says:

    Hi, I’m planning to come to india to do some wedding shopping but I do not know the country and it will be my first time going I was woundering if you know of any shops that sell heavy unstiched salwaar kameez materials. Thank you p.s your blog is very usefull thankz for posting.

  70. jabz says:

    Hi Neha

    love your blog it is very helpful I am planning on going to India next year to do some wedding shopping and I was wondering if you could tell me where the best is to shop for unstiched Salwaar kameez suits. Thank you

  71. jabz says:

    Sorry I forgot to mention that I was after heavy diamanté unstiched suits thanks.

  72. anoushka says:

    My sister is getting married in july 2013.Can u please suggest make up artist for her bridal and shagun make up, and also for normal party make up.

  73. divya says:

    Hi neha, Pls advice me from where i can get a bridal lehenga not more than 20k. I am from gurgaon and will be going to delhi this month only for my shopping. Had heard a lot about chandni chowk. I want to buy an elegant piece in a best price. so please suggest me the name of the shop where i can get the same without wasting my time here and there.